Count issues with certain statuses (Jira)

Trying to create a calculated measure showing a count of any of three statuses in measure Product Status1. We want a count of all issues fitting any of these statuses. This formula works when it is only ONE status, but not for all three. Help?

Not IsEmpty([Measures].[Issue Project Status1])
[Measures].[Issue Project Status1]=
“Live in Production”
“Set Live - Waiting for First Live File”

Hello @hjd

Careful when combining AND and OR operators… use parenthesis to make sure you’ll get what you need!

First: you don’t need “Not IsEmpty” clause, as you check for a specific value afterwards.
Second: replace
[Measures].[Issue Project Status1]= “Complete” OR ...
with (including parenthesis!)

[Measures].[Issue Project Status1] = “Complete” OR
[Measures].[Issue Project Status1] = “Live in Production” --OR
-- etc

But this is not really the best way to do it. Calculations in Measures dimension can be very ‘expensive’.
Instead, add your “Status” dimension to columns, ‘Define a new calculated member’ (see image) with the formula below and click on it to activate (it will look like “All statuses”):

      [Status][Live in Production],
      [Status][Set Live - Waiting for First Live File]


Hope it helps!
Vasile S.


Thanks! The dimension fix definitely helps. Still not quite there with the calculated measure, but this will get me where I need to go right now. I appreciate the help!

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Hi @hjd,

You can define a new calculated measure that forms a tuple of the desired measure and the Status dimension calculated measure suggested by @VasileS :+1: . For example, the formula could look similar to the one below:

([Measures].[Issues created],

Replace CALCULATED MEMBER NAME with the name you gave to the Status dimension calculated member.

I recommend you watch a presentation by my colleague Ilze about gradually increasing the complexity of MDX calculations - Training videos on specific topics.

Roberts //