Count new project without measure issue

Hello everyone I am really new to the easyBI and currently looking for help, how could we count project created without using the [Measures].[Issues created] ? Because I want to count the new project weekly. if using the measure issue created it would show redundant data almost every week whenever you create a new issue on the same project in different week. So the old project would appear again

please help, thanks

Hi @Arsy ,

If you want to see each Project dimension member only on the Time dimension period once - in the period its first issue was created, you can define a calculated measure with the formula below:

([Measures].[Transition to status first date],

It will look for the first transition to status date in the particular Project and return a 1 if it is the current Time dimension period. See a screenshot of the report below:

See more details on defining calculated measures in the eazyBI documentation page - Calculated measures and members - eazyBI for Jira.

Roberts //

Hey Roberts,

thanks for your help, but I think I still need a lil bit help here why does this happen?


Hi @Arsy ,

Sometimes eazyBI guesses the wrong formatting, depending on the functions used in the formula. Try to change the formatting of the calculated measure to integer - Calculated measures and members - eazyBI for Jira.

Roberts //

ok thank you Roberts