Count Number of objects that start with same 3 letters


Im still trying to count the total number of property objects that start with a value of “YSJ”

Each of our asset tags should start YSJ but if you look at my list some do not and I want a way to count the number that do start YSJ. Im unable to import this as a measure is there any other way of filtering and counting this.

Many Thanks




Hi @CCrow,

You asked the same question in our internal support channel. See my response below:

In eazyBI, you can import numeric values as measures. The “Asset Tag” attribute could contain variable characters and be imported as a dimension and property or property only, depending on the attribute type defined in Assets. Nevertheless, you can define a calculated measure to retrieve the number of Asset objects with “Asset Tag” starting with “YSJ”. The calculated measure formula could look similar to the one below:

    CoalesceEmpty([Object].CurrentMember.Get('Desktop Asset Tag'),"") MATCHES "^YSJ.*"
  [Measures].[Objects created]

It seems you have the Object Type dimension in the report rows. I recommend replacing it with the Object dimension “Object type” level for this report. That will improve the recommended calculated measure performance because it will narrow the Object dimension scope, which it needs to iterate through.

Please review our documentation page for more information on defining calculated measures - ​Calculated measures and members.

Roberts //