Count number of people per day

Hi, I need some help creating a custom measure that will output a number based on two fields.
We record a day in a field and then capture a name in another field.

I’m looking for:
Per day, count how many unique names appear in X-Field.

Hi @Brian_Cahill-Assenza,

​You might import the Record day datetime value as a measure and the Name as a dimension.

​Then, you might iterate through the names to identify, how many names have had issues on the specific day.
​The MDX expression might be as follows.

--set of all selected or imported names
     [<names dimension>].CurrentMember,
     [<names dimension>].[<names dimension>]),
--filter condition - issues exist with the specific date
    [Measures].[Issues with due date]>0

Please replace <names dimension> with the proper dimension name of the names field.
The above approach presumes there is one Record day and one Name per issue.

​Oskars /