Count number of times a test case has been mentioned in other tickets

I’m looking for a method to calculate how many times a specific “Test Case No” has been identified in various open/closed tickets:

  • All tickets have only 1 Test Case Number (string) assigned to them
  • Only the open tickets are listed on the table.
  • Failure count is what I’m trying to determine (last column)

See example below of what I would like to achieve:

Any help is appreciated.



An example:

For SADM-2129 STC Failure Count should be 2 since the Test Case No “STC-621” is mentioned on SADM-2129 and SADM-2133.

Instead of using Eazybi, we used a SIL script custom field in Jira to calculate the counts and then imported it as a property.


You may want to import “Test case No.” as a dimension, and then, using this dimension together with measure “Issues due”, you would see number of unresolved issues per test case (for instance, in rows then would be STC-621 as a member of the dimension “Test case No.” and the value for it would be 2 (as a number of unresolved issues related to the test case)).

If it is not what you are looking for, please, contact for more detailed assistance.

Ilze, eazyBI Customer Support