Count of all items that was in a status during a timeframe


I’m trying to generate a report that shows the number of EPICs that was in a particular status during a specified time frame.

I’m using ‘Issues created’ and ‘Transition to status issues count’.

With this method EPICs that were in the status during the timeframe, but not moved to that status within the timeframe, are not being counted. I would like to have a count of ALL EPICs in a status during the timeframe.

I am able to get expected results with a Jira JQL query:

Project = “My Project” AND issuetype = EPIC AND Status was Implementing during (2021-07-21, 2021-10-12)

Hi @Seth44 ,

I recommend using the measure “Issues history” instead. It will include issues that transitioned to the particular status before the selected period. See more details regarding the measure on the eazyBI documentation page - Import issue change history.

Roberts //