Count of Bugs that are in status (Open, Ready, "In Progress", Testing) for each severity level

I am trying to create a report to get the count of bugs that are currently in status (Open, Ready, “In Progress”, Testing) for each severity level group by Team. Please help with this.

Hi @gowrijon,

If you are looking for the current status of the issues - you might use the measure “Issues created” together with the relevant dimensions - Severity and Status.
You might add the page filter for the issue type - Bug.
If you are only looking for the overview figures - you might add the relevant dimensions to the report pages and columns.
If you need to use these numbers without showing the dimensions - you might use tuples.
Please read more about tuples here - Tuple.

For example - the expression to find the number of issues of Issue type “Bug” in status “In progress” with Severity of “Serious” might look as follows.

([Issue Type].[Bug],
 [Status].[In Progress],
 [Measures].[Issues created])

Oskars /

Thank you Oskars for the response. I will try according to your advice. But I am not able to see the severity dimension