Count of issue added after sprint started

I want to count how many issues were added to a sprint after the sprint started. This is important because those issues affect the planning of the sprint.
Any idea?


Hi @Daniel_Luevano ,

The predefined measure “Sprint issues added” covers this requirement. Please look at the eazyBI documentation page for more details on Sprint scope measures - Jira Software custom fields - eazyBI for Jira.

Roberts //

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There’s a subtle nuance here that I’d like clarity on - does the “Sprint issues added” consider the time portion of the Sprint Start Date?

Reason: I believe that this measure is incorrectly included issues which were added into the sprint before the sprint start date and TIME

  1. X items added to the sprint backlog were Aug 31 at 10:00 AM
  2. Sprint was started Aug 31 at 11:15 PM
  3. The X items are included in the “Sprint issues added”, which is what I do not want to include

Is there a way to confirm what the “Sprint issues added” measure considers, and is there any way to adjust the measure to truly exclude items added BEFORE the sprint start timestamp (even though they were added the same “day”)

Hi @impossible.skule ,

The Sprint scope measures don’t look at specific timestamps. Instead, it looks at the Sprint status when the issue was added to the Sprint. There are multiple options why you see the issue in Sprint issues added:

  • Maybe the issue was included in the Sprint before it started (“Sprint issues committed”) and was later removed from the Sprint. And added back again; You can check that by viewing the “Sprint report” report in the “Samples Jira Software” folder.
  • Time zone differences

Alternatively, you can share the specific issue JSON information, including the changelog, to with the Sprint name where this problem occurs. Add the following URL to your browser’s address bar.

  • For Server/DC:
  • For Cloud:

Replace JIRA_URL with your Jira URL and ISSUE-KEY with the specific issue key and share the output with eazyBI support.

Roberts //

Hi @roberts.cacus ,

Unfortunately both the URLs returned a 404 - I’m not the administrator of the Jira system, so I can’t make any changes to enable the JSON dump. Is there an alternative way?

I have also reached out to the Jira system operators, they also get a 404

Hi @impossible.skule,

Did you update the URL by replacing JIRA_URL with your Jira URL and ISSUE-KEY with the specific issue key?
What did you see in the “Sprint report” report in the “Samples Jira Software” folder for the specific Sprint?

Roberts //