Count of issues due on or before next week

We have testing metrics that use the due dates for the tests which are all set to the end of each week across the project.

Need to get a column that specifically gets the count of issues having a due date on or before next week to get the total due to the point when the report is looked at.

Can’t filter the complete report since it has totals of other status values regardless of when the original due date on the issue was.

I have the “Next Week” custom member created as Aggregate({[Time.Weekly].[Week].CurrentDateMember.NextMember})

I cannot get a count of the tests that have due dates before the ‘Next Week’ value to work…

Thank you

Hi @DennisT

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To get all issues having a due date on the next week, create a measure (in Measures) with a tuple from the Next Week member you have and measure “Issues due”:

([Measures].[Issues due],
 [Time.Weekly].[Next Week])

To get all unresolved issues due by the end of the current week (i.e. before the next week), create a measure that retrieves all unresolved issues having a due date in all past periods and during this week:

    [Measures].[Issues due]

You may also want to check out a demo report on issues due/overdue/in time:

Ilze /

Thank you very much - exactly what i needed.

Just a note that you do have to take out things that are marked N/A since “sometimes” Jira leaves them as “To Do” and they would be in the overall count of issues due.

Thanks again,