Count of Issues under Epic

I am creating a report with Component, Team, Epic,Issues on Pages and issues and looking for Issues Created and Issues Resolved on the Measures. Components are only set at Epic Level

Once created the report but have the below issues:

  • The Issues column only shows Epics and not Issues under it (after clicking the +)
  • The Issues created is only counting the Epic which is 1 for all Epics.

Can someone help me with fixing this?

Hi @sanjeevnarula

Yes, if component is set only in Epic level, the report shows data only from epics themselves if the report is filtered by components.

Unfortunately, Issue link field dimensions that are used to filter data by upper level issue valuses, do not work with Project dimension, including the Component level. We have registered this in eazyBI backlog, and I will paste here if there is any change regarding this improvement.

For now, I can suggest a solution if you are using some Jira scripted custom fields (like ScriptRunner or Jira Misc). You could write a code on the Jira side that would return the Epic component for each linked issue (including epic itself). This custom field would not need to be displayed in Jira, but it could be imported to eazyBI as multi-value dimension and used for filtering.

More details about Jira scripted custom fields are in
If this solution does not work for you, please share more details of the report you are looking to create so I could think if there is an option for MDX calculation.

Ilze /