Count of Sprint Tasks and Subtasks by Status

Good afternoon Community,

I am attempting to build a Sprint chart that shows the Tasks and Subtasks associated with the sprint, over the time of the sprint, showing the status totals at each day. The basic chart I am trying to reproduce looks like so-

What I have looks like so-

The problem is that it appears to be showing the current status on everything, rather than what it was at the time. Several of the “To Do” listed sub tasks, are in DONE status for example. I figure I am either using the wrong measure (sprint issues committed), or am missing some transition measure.

Looking for a nudge in the right direction. Thanks eveyrone.

Issue history was what I wanted I think. Still getting used to the terms used!

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Yes, you found the right measure!
To see the count of issues in their historic statuses, you would use the Issues history measure, see more details about issue change reporting here

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