Count spent effort under epics in other project


I am trying to sum spent effort in issue and spent effort under linked epic (with all its tasks and subtasks) from other proejcts.

I have a project A, where is issue type Change Request with field Parent Epic - this field contains epic key.
The epic can be found in project B or C. This epic and its task/sub-tasks also have the field Parent Epic, which contains epic key as well (Epic also has this field with its own key).

I am trying to show in report Change Request issues from project A, with spent effort under all issues with same Parent Epic field value.

All I am able to do is to find Change Requests issues from project A, its spent efforts and its parent epic field value.

Can someone please help me finish my report?
Thank you for any help.

Hi @Adam_Fano,

I presume you have the Issue dimension in the report rows and the Project, Issue Type dimension in report pages to display the Change Request issues from Project “A”. I also presume you have the “Parent Epic” field imported as dimension and property in eazyBI. With such a configuration, you can define a calculated member that retrieves a numerical measure from all issues with the specific “Parent Epic”. See the formula below to retrieve the “Hours spent” from all issues with the same “Parent Epic”:

  [Parent Epic].[Parent Epic].GetMemberByKey(
    [Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.Get('Parent Epic')
  ([Measures].[Hours spent],
  [Issue Type].CurrentHierarchy.DefaultMember,

The report then could look similar to the one below:

See the eazyBI documentation page for more information on defining calculated measures -​ Calculated measures and members.

Roberts //

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