Count tasks and subtasks by epic

I want to count tasks and subtasks by epic. But the subtask count is under [no epic]. Please advise. Thank you.

Could it be a case you are using Epic Link dimension in the report? Epic Link dimension represents issue field epic link and will pull in values from issues with value in this field only.

You can consider using some measures with included sub-task values for standard issues like Hours spent with sub-tasks, Sub-tasks created, Sub-tasks resolved. There could be some limitations using those measures, though. For example, values are mapped by standard issue, not by sub-tasks:

I would suggest considering using Issue dimension Epic hierarchy instead. The hierarchy will sum up values from epics, issues in epics, and sub-tasks as well. You can expand to specific issues and sub-tasks if needed there.

I would suggest using default measures, instead of sub-task specific measures and they will sum values from sub-tasks and issues.

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Thank you. This solves my problem.

@daina.tupule this is a great solution! Unfortunately, though, making this small change (from Epic Link dimension to Issues dimension selecting Epic hierarchy) makes it so I can no longer “drill through” the data to easily view the issues in Jira. I can only “drill into” now.

Do you have any suggestion for how to solve this? I like the report visually but would like to be able to open up the issues in Jira for deeper exploration when needed.

@daina.tupule are you able to help me solve my issue above? I just want to configure my reports in a way that allows me to “drill into” the data in Jira. Please help!

This is expected Issue dimension behaviour. You can only expend or drill into specific level when using Issue dimension in the report. Drill through issues is available for other dimensions to see the list of issues. When using the dimension Issue you can see the list of issues by expanding it.

However, I see your point. Drill through issues allows seeing the list and open the list of issues in Jira. You can open individual issues in Jira via Got to source for individual issues when they are expended or drilled into. But there is no option to open this list in Jira. I will add this idea to our backlog. While we do not have any plans for this. I will post an update if there will be any progress there.

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Ok :cry: thank you, @daina.tupule