Count Team interaction with Issue

I want to calculate the total of history changes a team has had with an Issue.
Scenario: Any history log that a team has with the Issue: total number when the field Team is changed within an Issue.

Hi @gamthe2nd,

In eazyBI, you can analyze single value custom field history. If the field you are interested in analyzing is such a field, enable the history import for it in the eazyBI advanced settings. Please see the eazyBI documentation page regarding that - Import issue change history.

After adding the suggested parameters to the eazyBI advanced settings and succesfully importing the fields change history, you can define a calculated measure similar to the one below to view the number of changes in the particular field:

  [Transition Field].[CUSTOM_FIELD_NAME],
  [Measures].[Transitions to]

Replace CUSTOM_FIELD_NAME with the name of the custom field dimension. See an example with the custom field “T-Shirt size” below:

You can also add the custom field dimension to the report and expand it to see the values to which the field was changed to:

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