Count Test in a Test Set

hey all

i need to create a calculated field that will show me the execution percentage. so basically the out of the will be:

[Measures].[Xray Tests executed]/ Count(Total number of test in test set)

This should ignore the TIme dimension.

Can anyone help with this formula?

Hi Krishnanand,

I know my colleague Zane has been in contact with you about this question. The suggested way of calculating Progress % of the Test set would be as follows

[Measures].[Xray Tests executed]
-- count of all created tests in a Test Set
  [Xray Test Plan].CurrentMember,
  [Xray Test Set].CurrentMember,
  [Xray Test].CurrentMember,
  [Measures].[Xray Tests created]

Lauma /

this is really helpful. Also i was wondering if there is a demo account used where you have more examples related to Xray.


When you import XRay related custom fields, a Sample folder with XRay example reports will be created in your account.
Additionally, there are some example reports in the documentation page here

Lauma /