Count the number of rows with the same value and present them in a different table

I’m trying to create a a report where I’m able to count how many row with each value, for example I want to know how many (0) and how many (4) and so on, attached is a screenshot form the report itself.

Hi @Tamer ,

I recommend importing the numeric metric as a dimension and using it in the report rows to satisfy your requirement.

If the metric is a Jira custom field, you can enable it for import as a dimension with custom field import options - Custom field import options or via the eazyBI advanced settings for custom fields - Advanced settings for custom fields.

After importing the field as a dimension, select it in the report rows, and together with the measure “Issues created”, you will see the number of issues for each value.

If it is a calculated value, you have to look in the direction of new calculated fields - New calculated fields or JavaScript calculated custom fields - JavaScript calculated custom fields to calculate the value with JavaScript and import it as a dimension.

Roberts //