Count the number of values in a property


Trying to build a visual that displays the count of values in the property ‘Issue Sprints’. The intent is to view, sort, and display the issues that continually carry sprint over sprint in an effort to triage why they are long lived.

‘Issue Sprints’ formula:

  [Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.get('Sprint IDs')

Having trouble trying to count the number of sprints inside this property.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @budiholi94!

I would suggest using the Sprint scope measures to sum Sprint issues committed and Sprint issues added measures - this would give a total of Sprints for which Issues have either been committed since the start from sprint or added later during the Sprint.

[Measures].[Sprint issues committed] +
[Measures].[Sprint issues added]

This measure might be even more precise, giving also sprint that Jira (and Issue sprints measure) does not show - if the issue was part of it but was not completed and moved to next sprint before the sprint end (read more about the Issues sprint definition).
Still, if you would like to count the sprints in the property, this measure would do this for you:

  NOT IsEmpty([Measures].[Issue Sprints]) 
  [Measures].[Issue Sprints] <> "(no sprint)" 
  Len([Measures].[Issue Sprints]) 
  - Len(Replace([Measures].[Issue Sprints], ',', '')) + 1 

Let me know if I missed something and you have some further questions!
Lauma /

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