Count times an issue version was changed

I was wondering how to count the number of times an issue was moved in / out versions.
is there a way to create such a measure?

Hi @Mauro_Bennici

Note that “Fix version” and “Affects version” both are multi-value fields in Jira (one issue can have multiple versions).
eazyBI does not import changes for multi-value fields.
Therefore, it would not be possible to track the number of times the version was changed.

Alternative solution would be using calculated fields in Jira, that would return the counter of versions already in Jira (in new custom field) and then import this calculated field in eazyBI using advanced settings.

Martins / eazyBI report

I see, so I could i.e. set a custom field on Jira and set an automation rule so that each time the version field is changed I put a +1, then import that field on eazybi and use it for a count.

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