Count xray tests that have a specific label

I’m at a bit of a loss on this one. I’m trying to create a measure that represents the number of xray tests that has a specific label associated. It seems that the “Issue Labels” property doesn’t actually exist on an xray test instance, so I’m struggling to understand how to access the labels property.

@roberts.cacus I was told you might have some insight. It’s tricky b/c I don’t really have an understanding of the Xray schema behind the scenes and I’m not sure what eazyBI actually has access to.

Hi @rgbakos ,

The Label dimension could help here, especially if you want to filter the report results by the labels. Use it in pages. With test-specific measures, the results will be returned for tests that have the specific label.

If you want to see the labels as a property, you can reference the Issue dimension member with the same key as the Xray test. See the formula below:

  [Xray Test].CurrentMember.Key

And a picture of both approaches:

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