Counting labels multiple time

I want to count all created issues by epic link but exclude all that have a specific label. What is happening is that it excludes all issues that ONLY have that label, if it has 2 labels and 1 is this label it includes the result.

Plus, in my results it counts all labels not issues. i.e. I have 2 issues, each has 5 labels the result is 10 not 2. The label is ‘OutOfScope’ and my filter is :

Rows - Issue Types and Measures (issues created) and columns is Epic Link

Hi Matthew,

If you wish to see all issues created minus the ones that have OutOfScope label, you can create a new Measure that subtracts these issues from all

NonZero([Measures].[Issues created] -
  [Measures].[Issues created],

Regarding the duplicates - yes, Issues created shows total created issue per Label. If you wish to see distinct issues count when several Labels are selected, please use ‘Issues created count’ measure.

Lauma /

That worked a treat - thank you so much.

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