Counting Null values in Insight property value


Im trying to create a report to show missing values that are mandatory fields within my CMDB. So for an example if an asset that is a desktop has a missing asset tag I get the number of desktops that have a missing value of asset tag.

So if I have 800 desktops with 10 with missing asset tags, 20 missing manufacturers, 20 missing models and 5 missing status fields.

I understand that you can count these fields by using the below as a custom measured field with the below code:

  [Object].CurrentMember.GetBoolean('Host In stock')
    [Measures].[Objects created]>0

But its not working.

Please can someone help?


Hi @CCrow, and welcome to the eazyBI community :tada: !

I recommend importing the attributes you are interested in as dimensions, where possible. Then you can define calculated measures with the particular dimension (none) members.

For example, the object type “Application Instance” has objects with the attribute “Host”. In the eazyBI import options, I selected the attribute “Host” for import as a dimension. Then, in a report, I can drag the dimension to the report rows to verify whether all my “Application Instance” type objects have a Host selected:

You can drill through objects in the “Objects created” measures to view which objects lack the attribute. Based on the Application Instance Host dimension (none) member, I can create a calculated measure with the formula below:

([Measures].[Objects created],
[Application Instance Host].[(none)])

You can create similar calculated measures for your other attributes and view them with the Object dimension in rows:

Please look at our documentation page for more information on Insight/Assets import options - Assets.

Roberts //


Unfortunately it wont let me import serial numbers or the asset tag as a dimension only as a property. See below screen shot:


Is it not possible to count if the field is empty or has a value of N/AD1?