Counting unique users, without having access to the users' hierarchy

I have a dimension called User with the following hierarchy/levels:
User (Display Name)
Name (shortname)

I have a measurement that counts the number of visits to our website, and another that counts the unique users. I have a report that counts the number of visits to our website (#1). I have another which counts the number of unique visitors to our website (#2).

Due to GDPR, the user using the reports does not have permission to see data in the User dimension down the level of User, but only Department.

Report #1 works fine and the visuals display properly.

Report #2 however fails to display visuals (due to the lack of permission to see the User level I suspect).

My Unique Visitor measurement uses the following code:

    [Measures].[# Visits] > 0

I have tried annotations as well, but this one seems a bit dangerous as I need to give access to the Name level, and limit the drill-down/through/into for Measures, calculated members etc. and leaves room for possibilities to get to the user/name data…

Can someone possibly help to solve the problem whereby my Unique Visitor report will work, despite not allowing the report user access to the level of User/Name? Possibly an alternative to my calculated measure above?


The safest solution to not expose personal data in the reports is to anonymize the personally identifiable information during the data import. MDX formulas will not work once the access role is appllied.

Janis, eazyBI support