Create a chart with the following JQL (status="in triage" or priority = "no priority")



I’m trying to create a chart for bugs with status is “in triage” or the bug has no priority assigned to it.

Here’s the JQL:
(status=“in triage” or priority = “no priority”)

I’ve tried to define this measure using

[Measures].[Issue status]=“In Triage” or
[Measures].[Issue priority]=“No Priority”

but it is returning a boolean. Any help here?

Hi @Peter_Chan,

JQL could be transformed into eazyBI reports and calculations. Simple queries usually are transformed as reports with particular values selected for rows, columns, and pages.

In your case, you would like to get a union of issue set that have a particular status and issue set that have a particular priority. For this calculation, use tuples to represent each set of issues and mathematical operations to get the union with a unique issue count.

The formula for calculated measure might look like this:

--issues that have status "In Triage" regardless of priority
([Measures].[Issues created],
[Status].[In Triage])
--add issues that have "No Priority" regardless of status
([Measures].[Issues created],
[Priority].[No Priority])
--remove duplicates for issues that have both
([Measures].[Issues created],
[Status].[In Triage],
[Priority].[No Priority])

For more examples and use cases, you can check my colleagues’ presentation from eazyBI Community Days 2018 on “Translating JQL Queries to eazyBI Reports, Janis Plume”:
eazyBI Community Days, Day-2 Training Presentations.

And here are more details on calculated measures and tuples:

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Hi there,

As a follow up question. I’d like to plot a trend of the number of these Triage Needed tickets over time. I was able to plot them on a monthly basis. However, I’d like to plot the trend on a weekly basis for better visual resolution. Is there a way to do this?