Create a dashboard with collapsed reports at load time

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I’ve search a way to created dashboards with some reports collapsed at load time but found nothing about it.
Is there a configuration for that?



I feel you. That is really great suggestion and question. Currently, it is not possible to save reports in “collapsed” form for the dashboard, but we do have a feature request on our backlog for such change.
However, I can’t promise any estimates for this change. I upvoted it for you and you will hear from us here when this is possible.
Meantime all reports added to the dashboard are expanded and loaded automatically.

Martins / eazyBI support

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Hey @martins.vanags thank you for kindly answering it.
Good to know this feature may be helpfull for all.
Have a great and healthy 2022 :slight_smile:

Count me as another vote in favor of this - I would also find this feature very useful. Thank you for all you do!


I watched the session from the Vegas Convention 2022 and see that it is possible to save a collapsed dashboard. When I edit my dashboard and collapse all and save changes it does not save as collapsed and defaults as all reports open. Please advise.


At the moment, that feature to collapse reports in dashboard, is available only when using eazyBI for Jira Cloud.
If you have Jira Server or Data Center, you would need to wait for eazyBI version 6.5.0 to be released.

Martins / eazyBI


When will eazyBI version 6.5.0 be released?

Version 6.5.0 was released already some time ago.
Now it is availalble already 6.5.2 version on Atlassian Marketplace and quite soon we will launch 6.6.0

Martins / eazyBI