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Hi. I have a dimension Issue which has string values unique for each issue. And i’m only interested in values within one specific project, for example- ‘RELEASE’. Values have the following format: ‘PROJECT-88 service 2.35.1’, where ‘PROJECT-88’ - key of issue, ‘service 2.35.1’ - name of issue. I need to extract only the text part of the name from this string (only ‘service’) so that I can group all the issues by the name of the service. How can i do this?
I tried to create a new member through Define new calculated member in dimension Issue, using the formula: ExtractString([Issue].CurrentMember.Name, “PROJECT-\d+\s(\S+)\s\d+\.\d+”, 1). But I don’t see new values anywhere (

@supportservices Unfortunately, i never received an answer to my question. Maybe someone from the moderators or support could help me?

Hi @Natalie

Sorry for the delay, we were hosting our Community days.
You can define a new JavaScript calculated custom field to extract this value from your field.

You can check out this video from the Community days that explains data extraction from fields and how to put import the extracted values as dimensions and use in your reports:

Let me know if you have any questions on this!
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