Create a Report that has the count of Issues and Story Points in a Transition

I have a report that shows the number of that has transitioned into a Status of Ready for Beta and gives that count of the number of issues per sprint in that status. I also want to shoe the total number of Story Points associated with the issues in that status.Processing: eazybi-redyforbeta-count-and-point.txt…


A couple of hidden measures and dimensions can help with the Story points calculation in your report. You may find the description of them in the documentation:

The solution for finding the number of story points in the sprint with specific transition is the following:

([Measures].[Story Points added],
[Transition Field].[Status])

This formula should work efficiently, but it has a shortage; if the issue has entered the status several times during the sprint, the story points will be multiplied. It can be fixed with a less efficient solution:

  [Measures].[Transitions to status issues count]>0
  ([Measures].[Story Points added],
  [Transition Field].[Status])/
  [Measures].[Transitions to status]

One more feature of those two formulas is that it gives the historical number of story points when the status transition happens.

If you need the current values of the story points, the solution is possible with a less efficient formula:

  [Measures].[Transitions to status]>0
[Measures].[Issue Story Points]

Janis, eazyBI support