Create a report with Initiative, epic and story in report

Can someone help me build a report that has Initative, epic and story as columns.

I am new to easyBI and trying to get the report

In order to generate reports in EazyBI it is necessary to install the app, “create an account”, “add a new source application” and “create the new report”.


To obtain “issues types” in columns, you have to place the issues type dimension in “Column” and define which dimension will be used in “Rows” and which measure will be calculated for the chosen dimensions.

I’m also new to EazyBi. I hope I have helped, if not, I am available to better understand and help you.

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If you use Advanced Roadmaps to create hierarchy levels I recommend importing new hierarchy in “Issue” dimension and group issues by type using hierarchy levels.
See more about Advanced Roadmaps integration here:

This is a report example where issues are organized by Advanced Roadmap hierarchy levels.

Martins / eazyBI support