Create calculated member that only shows insight object where attribute equals a specific value


We’re new to eazybi and are trying to figure out how to properly create our report. We have a Jira custom field “Vendor(s)” of type Insight Objects and it is imported as dimension.

When we create a report with column “Measures” > Issues resolved and row “Vendor(s)”, it works fine, but we always see “All Vendors” as Members.

We would like to create a “calculated member” where only the Vendors with attribute “type” (select list) is equal to a specific value.

We’re not sure if that’s the right place to do it and how to create a calculated member based on attributes of insight objects.

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Hi @jordenvanbogaert,

You can import the type attribute to the Vendor custom field and further build a custom hierarchy in the Vendor dimension based on the type.

If you have time, you may also explore a blog post and webinar recording by my colleague Daina about the Insight data model: Insight asset management reporting with eazyBI.

Lauma /

Thanks a lot! We got it working, thanks to your reply :smiley:

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