Create calculated member the show issue status in a selected day

we are creating a report that should retrieve data based on ticket status in the end of a month, this data is needed so when we select a month we see all the date of the mouth selected.
So in practice we should insert a data in input and in output this calculated member show the ticket status of that day.

i obtain something similar with this JQL query:
JQL: project = “project” AND Status was in (OPEN) ON 2022-03-31

Hi @Davide_Tantillo

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Firstly, please ensure that you have enabled the Import issue change history option in your Source data Jira import options.

Now you can use the “Issues history” measure in the Measures dimension, add the Time dimension in Pages to filter by month, and the Transition Status dimension in Rows to see how all issues divide by each status.
This will return the number of issues in each status at the end of the selected Time member, so, in this case- at the end of the month.

Screenshot 2022-04-29 at 12.42.14

Transition Status dimension holds the historic statuses, while the Status dimension holds the current status of issues. You can read more about imported issue history and different measures in our documentation: Import issue change history.

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Hello Nauris,
Thank you so much for the reply!
what you proposed show all the transition of the mouth until the end of the month, what we need is to understand what was the ticket status on exaclty the end of the mouth, so if a ticket get in “done” status on 15 april and the status changed in “to do” on 30 april and finally it change to “done” on 1 may if i select april on 2 may it should show me “to do” status.

Thank you

Hi Davide,

The Transition Status dimension when used together with, for example, a month member as a filter will group together the issues by their last status of the selected month. Status changes during the month don’t impact this, as only the Status at the end of your selected time member will be returned.

Let me know if you have additional questions on this!
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i try to apply this to my report, but i have as a raw the issues, and i need the issue status as a column. so i put the transition status as column and the date as a pages. On the measure properties i setup the check for “transition to status”, so i see a count value for that ticket on how many time it get in each status in the month, but not for the end of it.

Thank you again!