Create custom Fiscal Quarter definition

My companies fiscal quarter for the year 2020 do not start exactly on the first of every month, I was wondering how I can display data using these dates. For example I want a revenue vs quarter visual, so I want to see how much revenue there is for each quarter. Although I do not know how to make a custom calculate member for this.

Also the default fiscal quarter pulls from the “creation date” and I want it to pull from “booking date” when it displays the quarters for revenue.

Q1 : August 28 - October 26
Q2: November 27 - January 25
Q3: Feburary 26 - April 25
Q4: May 26 - July 25


Unfortunately, the Time dimension Fiscal hierarchy start is specified by the start of the selected month in eazyBI. As a workaround, you can try to create calculated members in the Time dimension. Please see an example for Fiscal Q3 2020 below:

Aggregate( [Time].[Day].DateMembersBetween('Feb 26 2020', 'Apr 25 2020') )

Please see a picture of how it would look in a sample report below:

Janis, eazyBI support