Create dashboard subscriptions to email addresses

It would be great to create email subscriptions to particular dashboards, with the emails going to manually inputted email addresses.

This would allow EazyBi dashboards to be sent to non-Jira users (e.g. board members, finance team, etc) who are interested in the data but don’t need or want Jira access.


I’m not from eazyBI, but trying to understand what’s needed.

Do you mean to say that we need an “Email this dashboard” option here, such that the dashboard must be automatically embedded to an email, or the email must include a publicly accessible link?


I’d like an “Email this Dashboard” option and be able to manually type the email address, so it can be someone without a Jira account.

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That makes sense.
Some people don’t like to be overwhelmed by having to log in to Jira or maintain a user account. Instead, sending the content in an email is simpler in the reader’s end.
Just make sure to (automatically) insert the report generation time above the report content.

Thus, I agree.

Hi @MarkWheeler and @shaakunthala ,

We have a Feature in our backlog where eazyBI admins and account owners could add and manage other Jira users to the eazyBI dashboard subscription. Unfortunately, that won’t include the option to add non-Jira users.

I created a new Feature request on your behalf to also have the option to add an email address to the eazyBI dashboard subscription. I currently don’t have any estimates on both of these Features.

Roberts //

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