Create dimension based on Issue link

I have two projects in Jira that are related.
Project 1 (Prj1): has two main issue type
Portfolio Epic

Project 2 (Prj2): has 3 main issue type
Sub task

These two projects are linked with issue types heierchy as shown below. I have to build a report linking this issuetypes and check the completion of the a particular Issue in Theme issues type which is ditributed down streams into number of issues.
ther Relation / liked issues type used between Theme, portfoli epic, bundle and Epic is “Is superior of” and other is “Subordinate of”.
For Epic and Story, we use the Jira default of “Issues in Epic” relation.

ex:“Bundle” is a “subordiate of” of “Portfolio Epic”, where as “Portfolio Epic” is "“Is superior of” “Bundle”.

Issue type :
Theme (Prj1)
Portfolio Epic (Prj1)
Bundle (Prj2)
Epic (Prj2)
Story/Bug/Task (Prj2)

I want to genreate report of “Percentage of completion of a Theme” or “Progress of Theme” based on the completion of number of issues in the down stream corrospinding to this Theme.

Based on your earlier suggestion in your Q&A for a similiar problem, i built this query as below

##Issue is child of Theme
#import reference to Theme for Portfolio Epic
name = “Theme”
inward_link = “subordinate to” #link name and direction from Portfolio Epic perspective
issue_type = “Theme”
dimension = true
update_from_issue_key = “customfield_Portfolio Epic” # pass down values to children of Portfolio Epic

##Issue is child of Portfolio Epic
#import reference to Portfolio Epic for Bundle
[jira.customfield_Portfolio Epic]
name = “Portfolio Epic”
inward_link = “subordinate to” #link name and direction from Epic perspective
issue_type = “Portfolio Epic”
dimension = true
update_from_issue_key = “customfield_Bundle” # pass down values to children of Bundle

##Issue is child of Bundle
#import reference to Bundle for Epic
name = “Bundle”
inward_link = “subordinate to” #link name and direction from Epic perspective
issue_type = “Bundle”
dimension = true
update_from_issue_key = “epic_key” # pass down values to children of epic

Issue hierarchy Theme

name = “Theme”
all_member_name = “All Issues by Theme”
levels = [
#three custom levels above default epic hierarchy
{name=“Portfolio Epic”,key_column=“customfield_Portfolio Epic”,issue_type=“Portfolio Epic”},
#default set of levels for epic hierarchy, do not change it

However i have few question here.

  1. Can i create new custom field with just the Cube owner permission, or do i need to have a JIRA site admin ?
  2. Since we already have a custom filed with Theme, should i be creating a new with a different name i.e., “Theme link prj1” ?
  3. wr,t to by above code, have I covered the link hierarchy from Theme until story or do i need to any any more elements to it ?

please see the below screen shots for your reference.

Dear community members, you can ignore the above two screenshots and the questions in the above post.

However, i have a question on the hierarchy.

Theme–>Portfolio Epic → Bundle (Optional) -->Epic–>Story
Case 1: Bundle is optional. for some issues Portfolio Epics are directly linked to Epics by linktype “Subordinate to” bypassing the Bundle.

Case 2: We have hierarchy as below, linking from top to bottom.
Theme–>Portfolio Epic → Bundle -->Epic–>Story

So, how can i handle both the cases/scenarios in my above code. At present it is built only for scenario 2.


Hello @Kiran

​Thanks for posting your question!

​Issue Hierarchy settings have to follow strict rules; it is not possible to create a hierarchy with an optional level (two scenarios included in one Issue Hierarchy set up).
​In that case you should create two separate Issue Hierarchies where one would be excluding Bundle and one would include Bundle.

​Best wishes,

Elita from

Thanks for the answer Elita.