Create Future sprints Calculated members in Sprint dimension Week cycle hierarchy


I’m trying to create Future sprints calculated member in Week cycles property which I created following Sprint reports for sprint week cycles (Sprint custom hierarchies) ( documentation.

At the moment I have no success in writing a calculated member for future sprints - my goal is to only show week cycles where future sprints exists.

Any ideas how to do this?

Hi @silvijar ,

The Sprint dimension calculated member needs to consider the “Week cycle” members and their children, the Sprints, to return only those cycles with future Sprints. The calculated measure in the default hierarchy, returning “Boards” with future Sprints, could look similar to the one below:

    [Sprint].CurrentHierarchyMember.Get('Status') = 'Future'
  ).Count > 0

Try to adapt it to fit your custom hierarchy and select the correct hierarchy for the calculated member.

See a screenshot of the expected result below.

Please look at our documentation page for more information on defining calculated measures - ​Calculated measures and members.

Roberts //