Create Gantt chart using EPIC Due Date


New to using EazyBI but I’m trying to create a Gantt chart using EPIC level as start and due dates for my measures.

So far I’ve got my ‘EPIC Link’ in my rows section and have selected the epics needed. Now I’m trying to figure out which measures are suitable for showing the date timeline for each EPIC link

Are there predefined measures I could use specifically for EPIC dates or would I need to create custom measures? If so, how do I go about creating this?

Apologies in advance if not specific enough but happy to provide more details.


Hi @B.OW,

To get more details about the Epic issue, you would probably use the Epic hierarchy from the Issue dimension instead of the Epic Link dimension.
See an example Gantt chart for Epics in eazyBI documentation: Gantt chart - eazyBI for Jira.

Lauma /