Create Measure from Dimension

We have a Dimension called ‘Type’ which contains the following two values: Standard, Custom. We would like to create a Measure for this Type field. Can someone let me know how to convert a Dimension into a Measure?


There is no general rule of how to convert a dimension to the measure. Dimension and measure are different concepts by their nature, which is explained in the documentation. The most evident difference is that measure is created from the numeric fields, while dimensions are usually string or select-list fields.

There are several options to combine the Dimensions with Measures.
The simplest is to use some of the existing measures with your dimension; that should cover most of the basic reporting needs:

You can also build your measures by using tuples to hardcode some measure with a specific value of the dimension. For instance, I might wish to count the “Green” issues in my report:

([Measures].[Issues created],

By the help of this formula, I can create a report which always shows only green Issues without the need for using the Color dimension in it:


If i Am adding two dimensions in rows to see their values in columns , as you see in above question you asked to combine measure and dimensions , In my case i have more than 1 or 2 dimensions in Rows but that expansion option is expanding everything when i want to expand for one particular row .
Example : In above Examples you added All Projects , Then add one more dimension Regions Then you will get " -All Regions " . If you minimize all regions everything gets minimized and if you want to see region for any particular row then complete region gets expanded .
Is there any work around or solution for this.
Thank you , hope i made it clear to you


The recommended workaround to expand only one member is to use the feature of drill across. You can go to the previous status of the report with the “Undo” option:


Janis, eazyBI support