"Create" report button in the section that shows the account overview


From my experience with the tool so far, I found that people who look at the reports do so in dashboards / wallboards / Confluence. People who create the reports actually go in the eazyBI accounts, and first “analyze” needs to be opened. If there are tens or hundreds of reports in the account, that takes some unnecessary moments.

My proposal is to add the ‘create’ new report button right in the overview screen, so that I don’t have to open the ‘Analyze’ section. It would save some (small amount of) time for the people who regularly create the reports.

Thank you!

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Thank you for the proposal. Perhaps, the user interface is not self-explanatory, but clicking on the Issues cube icon works exactly that way. Once you click on that, you are redirected to the report design dashboard which is exactly the “Create new report”.

Perhaps, this icon might need a hint on that.

Janis eazyBI support



Thank you for that hint. It was really not obvious though. I will use it from now on.