Create report showing Initiatives from one status to another

Hi EazyBI community!

I want to create a report showing the calendar time for each and any initiatives from when the status changes from one to another, for example “backlog” > “to do”. I that case it is possible to see how long Inititative X took from backlog until it actually was put into to do (or done for example).
I have created som basic reports but am struggling with this one.

I would appreciate some help with this powerful tool! Thanks in advance

HI @albanceku

Welcome to the eazyBI community!

You may use the measure Days in transition status in the report columns which counts time spent in a status or specific transition. To calculate the time spent in a specific transition, select the dimension Transition in the report Pages. Read more about this measure and dimension: Import issue change history

Select the Issue dimension in the report rows.
To filter out only initiatives, select the Issue type dimension in the report Pages and pick “Initiative”.

Below is a report example (I picked issue type “Feature” and a transition “To Do” > “In Progress”, you pick your issue type and transition).