Create report with Insight Object Attribute as Dimension


I have in Insight the Object USER and it has a text field Attribute called CITY.

In the import options I can only check to import the attribute CITY as a Property, but on my report I want that attribute to be the dimension.

I want a report with one dimension, the CITY attribute, and with one column, the number of USERS (insight objects) with each CITY. Like following:


Thank you.

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Hi @omc ,

Unfortunately, eazyBI can’t import text-type object attributes as dimensions. However, you can try to transform it as a select list type attribute.

The other option is creating a custom hierarchy in the Object dimension, based on the attribute property. In such a way, you would have an upper-level “City” and “User” level members beneath it. See an example below on how to create the custom hierarchy:

And how it would look in a report:

Please see more details on creating custom hierarchies in some specific dimensions in eazyBI here - Create reports.

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It solved the problem. Thank you very much.

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