Create tabular report with data from cross dimensions


I’m creating some cubes/dimensions based on a REST API import of Confluence Requirement Yogis.

I’m new on EazyBI and maybe my question is a basic one.
Basically I would like to create some measures that will return a dimension name or property based on the correlation with other dimension that is being set on Row.

below are some additional details:

I’ve managed to pull the data, and I’m creating from these requirements some dimensions like the following:

Requirement - with following properties key, name, description
Delivery Phase - with level Phase and Sub-Phase
Measures - count (i just created a count to build measure because it is mandatory to have one)

I want now to build a tabular report with all details of the Requirement Dimension including the Phase Dimensional and implement filters(pages):

  • Like get all Requirements of a certain Phase or Sub-Phase

I was able to create the report where I can see all the Requirement properties, but I don’t know how can i create a measure that will use as reference the current Requirement Dimension under Rows, or the Measure.count to get the corresponding Delivery Phase dimension report like:

This is the setup I’m doing:
Rows: Requirement
Pages: Delivery Phase

  • Req Name - CASE WHEN [Measures].count > 0 THEN [Requirement].CurrentHierarchyMember.get(“name”) END
  • … (the same for Req Description)
  • Phase = ???
  • Sub-Phase = ???

I want at the end to have a table similar to the following
|| Req Key || Req Name || Req Description || Phase || Sub- Phase ||
| 1 | req nam1 | Res desc 1 | phase 1| SP1 |
| 2 | req nam2 | Res desc 2 | phase 2| SP4 |

Thanks in advance, for your support


The data cube of eazyBI relates members from different dimensions based on the measures. Once the data mapping has a measure (e.g., requirement count), you can show how the requirements are related to Phases or Sub-phases.

The most straightforward way to do that is to use the Requirement and Phase dimensions in the report rows; the filter on this report by condition “Requirement count > 0” will show how the Requirements are related to the Phases.

You may wish to check a short overview about data mapping here: Data mapping

Please, apply to the support for more detailed guidance.


Janis, eazyBI support