Created a dashboard with multiple pages

Created a dashboard, with more than 500 results,

Which results in long list.

Any possibility where i can create a dashboard with multiple pages selected as below.

The dashboard includes several reports. You can organize them side by side or one after another. You can enable the option page for any dashboard if you would like to have the report on a new page (include a page break before a report). This option is handy if you are using PDF exports or an email subscription.

We suggest creating several dashboards with a small set of reports instead of one dashboard with many reports. With this option, you can add as many dashboards (as separate pages) as needed.

There are no options to add some paginations if you are using one long table report with many rows on the dashboard. We have an improvement idea in our backlog to support pagination for table reports. However, we do not have any clear plans for it yet. I will post an update there if there will be any change.

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Hey there!

Got the similar issue - one long report with 1000+ rows.
Report is used for Excel export mostly but still users need to use pages (filters) before export.
So they have to wait until the full report will be built, than activate filters one by one, waiting again after each filter for filtered report built (still very long) and export results finally.
At the top of it sometimes during these operation web browsers return error like “the page does not responding, refresh” and users have to start over.

Pagination seems really good resolution for such cases and it’s really cool that you take it in backlog.
But is there any way to avoid these problems today? Some way to limit report building on dashboard but get full report with export?

UPD also now we have trouble with export the final results if its really long one - the “There was error when performing your request” occurs. Article in official documentation “Export of large tables to Excel or CSV” didnt help

UPD2 Article in official documentation “Export of large tables to Excel or CSV” helped to solve export problem. Because of our server-proxy-tomcat configuration we had to add parameter maxPostSize not only in server but also in proxy connector properties. Or something like that

Yes, the report export to excel might lead to errors with previous versions and the solution was to set the setup for tomcat. With version 6.1. we use a different approach on how we generate files and this setup is not needed anymore.

eazyBI by default enables autorefresh for any report. You can consider disabling it and making any changes in the report. Then enable it back and load results.
The selection might feel weird as we might not show selected options. They still are picked up.

It is quite a useful option when working with heavy reports.

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