Created Vs Resolved chart with multiple Labels

I am creating chart with with following filter
project = ProjectA AND component = Test AND issuetype = bug and Resultion is Empty and labels in (label1, label2)

I am able to generate report with single label and when i select multiple labels then the count is not matching with count displaying at issue navigator,
I see that issues which have both this labels are counting twice :frowning:

how to make it count it as one when issue have both the labels?


Hi Prasad,

Indeed, “Label” is a multi-value field in Jira and issue can have more than 1 label on it.

In this case, perhaps you could try using a distinct measure “Issues created count” to count a unique number of issues.

Best Regards,
Martins / eazyBI team

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I am able to create measure with that and achieved what I want.
Thanks Martins,