Created vs. Resolved Issues Over Time (Status Only)

I’m trying to make what should be a simple bar/line chart showing Created vs. Resolved Issues over time. The problem is that my group does not use “resolution.” We only track issues using workflow status: To Do, In Work, On Hold, Done.

Since Jira doesn’t know when an issue is “resolved,” I can’t figure out how to mimic the eazyBI standard chart for created vs. resolved issues, but using transition status instead of “resolution.”

My data source has correctly identified the status that are “done” and does import those. I just can’t see how to use existing, or create new, measures to show what looks like the attached.


There could be two alternatives for your needs.
The first is to configure the Issues closed measure in the data import options of eazyBI:

Once you select your resolved statuses in this option, the Issues Closed measure shows all the issues by the date when those enter the closed status.

An alternative is to use the Cumulative flow diagram to track all the status history of issues in time. Please, check the report from the samples folder of eazyBI:

Janis, eazyBI support