Creating A Pie Chart Based on user defined measures


We have eazyBI For Jira and are looking to create a pie chart to display
I am looking to plot hours spent against a User Defined Measure( which pulls values differently based on task/subtask)(hence i didn’t use it as a dimension)

The current table looks like below
Issues | Hours Spent | Category(userdefinedmeasure) |
Issue X | 1 | A |
Issue Y | 2 | B |
Issue Z | 3 | A |

Is there a way to do a pie chart where its #hours and Category (instead of issues)

Choon Keat

Hi @ckseet1!

eazyBI uses dimension members and a Measure to draw a Pie chart. There will not be a way to specify some other column should be used in a pie.

I would suggest changing where you calculate the Category - instead of doing this in a calculated measure, create a JavaScript calculated custom field and import it as a dimension, see In this way, you will be able to use the category on the row for this pie chart report as well as use it for filtering in any other report.

Lauma /