Creating a SLA based on the the time/date issue entered status A and entered status D

I want to get a calculation of the number of days that elapsed from the time issue was created until the issue enters a non-resolve status.

Example issue is created and is in status New.
Workflow of New --> In Progress --> Design Complete --> Design Review --> Design Approved --> Ops Review Needed --> Passed Ops --> Implemented --> Released --> Closed.

I want to to get a count of the days from New to Ops Review Needed.

Want to have it per issue instead of an average.

Anybody have any pointers on this?

There are several measures related to the [Transition]

[Measures].[Transition from status first timestamp]
) might be able to be modified with a filter to get the status you need.

I know I’m not much help, but I am also frustrated by the lack of response on the board and I am hoping I can at least get you an idea to work from.

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That’s great Ed. I will try that and update here. It is kind of strange, cause the EazyBI team is very active. I know they are in the middle of a couple user events, which may be impacting the activity.

Thanks again.

I wanted to do something similar. It’s not an elegant solution, but it’s what I came up with.

In the “Transition Status” section, I created a calculated member with the statuses that I wanted to be included:

Aggregate({ [Transition Status].[Dev Complete] , 
[Transition Status].[In QA], 
[Transition Status].[Deployment Pending]})

Then I set things up as follows:

  • Pages: Transition Status (select the new calculated member)
  • Rows: Time
  • Measures: in the predefined section, “Average workdays in transition status”

It isn’t the individual issue, but one can drill through.

Another possibly helpful tidbit lives over here: How to calculate Days in transition status including the time in current status

~ v.


Thank you! I am working on a solution combining your feedback.


You could create a new calculated measure using this code:

[Transition Status].[New],
[Transition Status].[In Progress],
[Transition Status].[Design Complete],
[Transition Status].[Design Review],
[Transition Status].[Design Approved]
[Measures].[Days in transition status]

It would calculate the total time in days for issue in source statuses

Martins / eazyBI support

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