Creating an average time to last update measure

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I am wondering if it’s possible to create a measure that will take the average time from an issue opening to its last update as a measure. Same as time to close, but using the “last updated” field instead of when the project closes as the end timestamp.

Hi @dcachia

If you would like to calculate averages in Project or other levels, you can define a new calculated measure with the following formula:

    [Measures].[Issues last updated] > 0
    [Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.GetDate('Created at'),
    [Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.GetDate('Updated at')

This will return the number of days between the issue creation date and the “last updated” date. When filtering this report by a time member, for example, March 2022, this measure will return issues last updated in March 2022 because the “Issues last updated” measure is used in this formula.
If you would like to display the number of days for issues created in March, change this measure to “Issues created” instead.
You can read more about the MDX functions used in this formula on our documentation page: MDX function reference.

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Nauris / eazyBI support

Hi @nauris.malitis, thank you so much for the assistance!