Creating an Inventory Report

we are currently working on integrating our inventory into Jira Insight and creating reports with eazyBi.

We have created the object types, given them attributes and arranged them hierarchically.
The object “Location” contains additionally to the predefined attributes our custom attributes “locationname” and “ring”.
The object “Host” contains additionally to the predefined attributes our custom attribute “Location” which is a reference to the object “Location”.
In addition, we have also successfully imported the inventory by using a CSV file.

Now we wanted to create reports using eazyBI.
So we have successfully imported the source data from Insight.

For example we want to create a report in which the locations and also the rings are assigned to our hosts and displayed. The problem we are having is that eazyBI fails to match the location and also the rings to our hosts. So we are basically just getting a report of the object “Host” with its attributes but we are not capable of matching them with the object “Location” and its attributes even tough the matching is working in insight.

Our goal is to expand this report by adding racks and cards to it. So that we can see which device is placed in which city and is part of which ring, what its hostname is and how many free slots are available on this rack.

Thank you and best regards

Hi @sanand,

Welcome to the eazyBI community! I believe I have had a similar internal support conversation with one of your colleagues regarding object hierarchies in the Insight data source.

In eazyBI, you can define a custom two-level hierarchy in the Object dimension. See our documentation regarding that - Custom hierarchies. In your case, I recommend defining the hierarchy with the “Card rack” property. I hope an attribute describing the rack the card is in is present in the “Card” objects. That will give you the bottom two levels.

To see “Card” objects with the “Rack” hierarchy also related to their Hosts, use the “Card Host” dimension as the first one in the report rows. Unfortunately, eazyBI can’t create a multi-level hierarchy in the Object dimension, only the two levels described above.

Roberts //

Hi Roberts,

thanks for your reply.
It ist working :slight_smile:


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