Creating eazyBi charts using Tempo customers

I am trying to create a chart with hours logged by Tempo customers and I see lots of “None” customers in it. For eg.

Not sure how to solve this. I checked in the source data and seems ok. Can someone help me with it.

Hi @ssomasekar!

I believe you are looking to get the customer from the account that is specified when logging hours while in the Tempo Customer eazyBI shows the customer that comes from Account that is specified in the issue, not worklog.
We have considered this and having another dimension for Customer that comes from worklog would definitely be a helpful improvement. For now though you can get the total of hours logged for the customer with following new MDX calculated measure

  [Tempo Customer].CurrentMember, [Tempo Customer].[Customer]),
    [Tempo Account].[Tempo Account].Members,
    ([Measures].[Hours spent], [Tempo Customer].DefaultMember) >0
    Nonemptystring([Tempo Customer].[Customer].getmemberbykey(
        [Tempo Account].CurrentMember.key
      ).getString('Customer key'))
    ).key) = [Tempo Customer].CurrentMember.key
    [Measures].[Hours spent],
    [Tempo Customer].DefaultMember

Lauma /