Creating groups for cycle time metrics that are additive of an average


As I have been progressing with eazybi, I have been able to get past most of my issues but this one has been plaguing me and was hoping there was something simple I am missing. (Would only leave me with one problem to solve)

While most of our metrics are uniform throughout the organization, our teams do have the ability to control their own workflows. If we were just looking at to do, in progress and done it wouldn’t be an issue but we are looking to break out our metrics by the various roles on our teams. In the below image, In progress and code review are statuses for our developers cycle time. I am trying to get the average for these two items but then add them together to show the total average days for a given number of sprints ( we track current sprint, rolling 6 and ytd numbers) I would expect the “dev cycle” to be 4.08 days but it is doing an average of the two statuses instead. Each of our times will have various statuses that need to be combined, so I’m just looking for a clean way to create that and I will apply it to each of the teams for their statuses. ( some teams have multiple QA statuses, Some with multiple UAT/UA etc. etc.)

Hi @ZethA,

Measure “Average days in transition status” calculates an average time over the count of transitions and therefore the average time in cycle won’t match for individual transitions. The calculation is the total days in selected transition statuses divided by the count of status transitions.

For your use cases to count Average days in the development cycle by issues, you might want to define a new calculated measure in Measures. The logic for the new calculation would be the total days in selected transition statuses divided by the count of issues that was in those statuses.

CASE WHEN [Measures].[Transitions from status issues count] > 0 THEN
  [Measures].[Days in transition status] /
  [Measures].[Transitions from status issues count]

More details on how to create calculated measures are described in the documentation: Calculated measures.

Zane /