Creating Pivot table in eazy BI reports

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We are trying to create a pivot table in eazy BI reports, can someone share any documents or notes. Thanks in advance.

eazybi is a pivot table? Can you expand on what analytics you are trying to uncover or the problem you are trying to solve?

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These are the two reports I am trying to create.

  1. I wish to create a pivot table, or just a report, that will combine these two tables.
    The result will be a PIE (or a list) of all the “business objective”. Their order (and size / value), will be driven from: Each epic that contributes to this BO (Business objective), will be contributing it’s #of story points closed (what we have in report #2).

  2. We will not take the exact number, but the respected number based on how many BO this epic has. For example, if an epic has just 1 BO, all this epic’s “closed story points” will be given to this BO. However, if this epic has 2 BOs, the Story-Points of this epic will be divided to 2, and only half will be given to each BO.

Hi Fahad,

I was looking at your reporting requirements and first thing I am wondering about is if the Story points closed are related to Epic or is this number coming from Stories within the Epic? And is the Business Objective an Epic field or can other issue types also have Business Objective specified?

If it is the Epic itself, you can add the Business Objective Dimension on rows and Story points closed Measure divided with Issues created on columns

 [Measures].[Story Points closed]
/ [Measures].[Issues created]

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