Creating report that show the preview charge by project

Hello !
I 'm new to easyBI and I’m trying to create report that show the preview charge by project:

  • To be calculated from the estimated charges entered in the issues
    • Allows to know the identified charge of the backlog

how can i do that please ?

Hi @Souley,

If the “Preview charge” is a numeric custom field, try importing it as a measure from the eazyBI import options “Custom fields” tab -

After importing it as a measure, you should be able to use it at the Project level and see the totals of issues under each Project. Please look at the picture below:

In the example above, I have the custom field “Estimated Cost, EUR” imported as a measure. eazyBI creates new measures in the “Custom fields” section of Measures tied to various issue dates on the Time dimension. You can read more about this here - Individual issue values sum up to the Project level.

If it is not a numeric custom field, please provide more details.

Roberts //